About Us

I (Kevin) am the main writer here at ANYK. Professionally I am an engineer, but privately my interests are diverse and random. I spend a lot of my time wondering where “that” word comes from, or why “that” is the what it is. I am usually the first to pull out my phone to google the answer to the question someone just asked. But sometimes I’m pulling out my phone to google the answer to the question no one asked yet. That is the main inspiration for this blog. To take those random curiosities a step further, into short, summarized essays to spread the knowledge gained.

One of my few talents in this world is quick, medium depth research. I am not the type of person to write a 400 page book on a topic. But I am the type to read that 400 page book, and hopefully through this blog convey some of that knowledge into a moderately entertaining essay. I am by no means an expert on the things I write, and will surely make some errors. I am a novice writer and I appreciate you suffering through my awful writing and mediocre research.